1. NEVER target an upgrade, just let it flow ; Upgrade what you can as soon as you can!
  2. in terrestrial planet or aquatic planet I think is the easier than aerial planet because there are no limit depth (just pressure and temperature). But Pressure and Temperature doesn't Matter if you have enough repair/fuel item. for repair in aquatic, you can use Orichalcum Ore and Platinum Ore, in terrestrial you can use Titanium Ore, Diamond Slivers and Mithril Ore. For fuel aquatic and terrestrial, you can use Topaz Crystals. In that case you can also use Repair Nanobots, Fuel Reserves (Consumable), and Teleportation Node.
  3. If you see trophies near you, seize the opportunity and drill that trophy now!
  4. Some people say they have had a hard time finding Iron Ore. Admittedly, it is hard to locate Iron Ore during your first plays. My advice to get iron is upgrade the propeller to MK-3 or Mk-4 (I forgot) and buy fuel (consumable item). After that, go to an aerial planet and fly until you reach 80 altitude and you will see iron there and many more in the 90+ altitude.
  5. You can't drill upward on an aerial planet intentionally. It is not a bug and has nothing to do with drilling power.
  6. You can learn some actual tips about mining from this game! I guess the developer is a mining engineer or has a contact with a mining engineer HAHA...
  8. For Coral Shards, some people say this crystal don't appear neither screen nor mini map. These are found on blocks under 170 that have a red bubbling plant on them.
  9. It´s a good practice to always fill up your consumables. You won´t like to run out of Teleportation Nodes , soon as you start building your mining tactics around it. Same goes for the Repair Nanobots , Fuel Reserves , Oxygen Refill , Dynamite and Radar Pulse . Keep them stocked well.
  10. You are in desperate need of rare crafting materials (like Pearls , Coral Shards , Viscera etc.) AND have the materials to solve an achievement? Go find that material, but DO NOT mine it! Go back to your mother ship and do that upgrades to get the achievements. They will give you bonus time, and bonus time will grant you the double amount, if you mine this material now.
  11. Watch your cargo space. It is especially frustrating to pick up a rare material only to find you had no free space. When you spot something you need while fully loaded, you can free up some of your cargo space on the go by wasting something "to repair"/"to fuel"/"to oxygen" even when said depletable is full.

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