Terrestrial is one of the kind of planets of this game. (Terrestrial, Aquatic and Aerial)

Terrestrial planets mainly contain stone and rocks. They made up by a piece of land and some air.

They are the only planets which the environment become hotter when you go deeper.

Volcanic terrestrial planets are much hotter underground than glacial;  If you have trouble going deeper into volcanic or temperate planets, try going into glacial.

Available materials:

Minerals :

  • Copper ore                 0-50
  • Iron ore                   50-100
  • Titanium ore               110-170
  • Mithil ore                 170-250

Crystals :

  • Emerald crystals         0-50
  • Ruby crystals             50-110
  • Topaz crystals             110-170
  • Diamond slivers           170-250

Trophies :

  • Fungus Spores
  • Viscera
  • Chitin
  • Aberrant matter
  • Strange gloop

all trophies can be found at any depths

Gases :

  • Vespene gas             0-50
  • Therazene gas         50-100
  • Amaranthine gas       100-150
  • Methane gas             150-250
  • Unstable isotopes       (from Methane)
  • Plasma                  (from Vespene gas,Therazene gas and Amaranthine gas)

Fuels :

  • Coal lumps                0-140
  • Lava droplets             140-250
  • Uranium                   140-250(from empty lava pocket)

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