Terrestrial is one of the kind of planets of this game. (Terrestrial, Aquatic and Aerial)

Terrestrial planets mainly contain stone and rocks. They made up by a piece of land and some air.

They are the only planets which the environment become hotter when you go deeper.

Volcanic terrestrial planets are much hotter underground than glacial;  If you have trouble going deeper into volcanic or temperate planets, try going into glacial.

Glacial planets are cooler and allow you to reach greater depths, but do not contain lava pockets. Volcanic planets are extra hot, and as a sort of "payoff", yield more resources per square excavated. Initial dives for Lava and Uranium should be done on Temperate planets.

Available materials:

Minerals :

  • Copper ore                 0-50
  • Iron ore                   50-100
  • Titanium ore               110-170
  • Mithil ore                 170-250

Crystals :

  • Emerald crystals         0-50
  • Ruby crystals             50-110
  • Topaz crystals             110-170
  • Diamond slivers           170-250

Trophies :

  • Fungus Spores
  • Viscera
  • Chitin
  • Aberrant matter
  • Strange gloop

all trophies can be found at any depths

Gases :

  • Vespene gas             0-50
  • Therazene gas         50-100
  • Amaranthine gas       100-150
  • Methane gas             150-250
  • Unstable isotopes       (from Methane)
  • Plasma                  (from Vespene gas,Therazene gas and Amaranthine gas)

Fuels :

  • Coal lumps                0-140
  • Lava droplets             140-250
  • Uranium                   140-250(from empty lava pocket)

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