1.33K Edit

  • easier recipes for some of the early game upgrades (Drill Resources MK-1, Drill Vibrations MK-1 and Optics MK-1 are now easier to make)
  • make it easier to get Aberrant Matter for higher Drill upgrades
  • fixed boosts issue (sometimes showed more boosts than active on the server)
  • fixed some spelling errors

1.32K Edit

- edited some texts

Bug Fixes:

  • sometimes copper or iron were not added to the inventory when you mined them
  • sometimes the aquatic planets had a vertical strip that was not covered by the blue overlay

1.30K Edit

  • LOWER Commendation prices!
  • fixed number of total boosts active
  • edited some item descriptions
  • edited an objective trigger (now you’ll see the upgrade objective earlier in the game)
  • Quests tab: highlight it on first use
  • show inventory capacity in robot inventory

1.28K Edit

  • fix game not starting for some users
  • amber is now found at 165m+


  • apply drill quality resource to viscera

1.26K Edit

  • fixed oysters bug (now they show on the minimap and game as well)

1.25K Edit

  • show ozone on the radar for Optics MK-8 (or if you use a Radar Pulse)
  • ozone will make you damage
  • fix still get damage after teleporting from high depths (reset pressure and temperature)
  • hide remaining low-opacity teleport sparkles after using telepad

1.24K Edit

  • bug fixed where some people could not see the quests

1.20K Edit

  • fix bug game freezes after finishing challenge and click on Back to Game
  • fix various other game freezes
  • show correct best times Today and All Time in Challenge Mission Info

1.17K Edit

  • fixed Quests quantities needed for donation
  • added better explanation in Main Menu for Clear Save
  • added the Rock Bottom Planet Challenge
  • various other bugs fixed

1.15K Edit

  • fixed major bug: high-speed game (fps was set way too high)

1.14K Edit

  • after dying, remove infection with spores and bacteria
  • reduce infection time with spores by 30%

1.12K Edit

  • edited some objectives
  • more spiked creatures on volcanic terrestrial planets (one at every 35m, 7 in total)
  • quests: you can click on the items needed
  • added links to wiki and forum in ship menus

We now have a forum and a chat room as well :)

1.07K Edit

We have released version 1.07K! Added a help for the Quests Window. Fixed some spelling mistakes, fixed various bugs, etc. We added an option to manually recover your save if you lost it. Next week (most likely Wednesday or later) we'll release the final game. Have fun :)


The 170-250 or so water crystal type is coral that is bubbles without grass (basically, since all the undug ground is normally covered with grass, any ground without grass would be corals) 170-250 or so Air fuel would be Ozone, that is invisible, but you are near it when the screen starts getting yellow-ish, the more yellow-ish it gets, the higher the concentration/the closer to the center you get. You get solar cells by standing still on 125/175/225 altitude chests. If the pure water is the same method, then there is either a bug or i'm doing something wrong. (You can get pure water from chests at deeper levels, I'm getting it as shallow as 136m and it fills constantly)

1.05K Edit

  • kill spiked creature with dynamite
  • show spiked creatures, mushrooms and worms (+empty holes) on minimap at optics level 3
  • you can get more viscera from spiked creatures from deeper depths
  • added new objectives
  • craft window will go to Upgrades by default
  • you can now research advanced components even if you don’t own the required components (but did unlocked them before)
  • restore save from server if you lose data (only for Kongregate users that are logged in)
  • add clear save option in the main menu
  • show total planets visited

Bugfixes Edit

  • show corals
  • unlock all story parts when you open chests

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