Mithril Ore

Mithril Ore

Found in the deepest of depths, this dark metal is the best you can get. Its strength and resistance to weight ratios are the stuff of legends, making it perfect for the best components.

Mithril can be used for major repairs, a single chunk going a long way; but it is far more tempting to risk it and use that chunk to research and craft new things.


Best Ore to use for Repair in the game.

Repair 5000 of your HP per 1 unit of Ore.

If a player is mining with few hull upgrades, and some drill speed upgrades, on a terrestrial world, Mithril can be mined at a rate greater than it is required for repairs. This can allow the harvesting of large volumes of deep-world resources, using Mithril to overcome the overheating damage. The danger occurs when re-ascending, because Mithril becomes rare, but the overheating damage is still high. This is possible due to the fact that the overheating damage rate is capped, and this is based on the hull health.

The Mithril Ore is especially useful when harvesting Ozone Gases . When your probe is at full upgrade, the Ozone Cloud environment will damage your probe by 2 full unit of health. One unit of Mithril Ore can repair the same amount of health damaged. So store some Mithril Ore with you when you go harvest the Ozone Gases in the Ozone Cloud.

Can be found at:Edit

  1. Terrestrial Planet: 170-250 depth (Commonly Found on Volcanic Environment)
  2. Aerial Planet: 200-250 Altitude

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