Engineering Bay

Engineering BayEdit

The Engineering Bay is divided into 14 diferent section types, each listing the 8 improvments. By hovering over the component you can see the benefit of the installed upgrade.

To make the upgraded parts, you have to discover the needed recipes in the Research Nexus. Then construct them in the Manufacturing Bay to use them. Once constructed they will automaticly select the new part. You can also select lower level upgrades for specific mission requirments.

Component TypesEdit

Improvement Description


Increases your health and pressure resistance so you can go deaper in aquatic enviroments


Increases your cooling speed and heat resistance so you can go deeper in terrestrial enviroments


Allows you to fly against the wind and reach higher altituded in aerial enviroments


Increases your vision range and the information displayed on the minimap

Drill Power

Increases the quantity of earth and rock removed each time the drill spins

Drill Fuel Usage

Reduces the amount of fuel used each time the drill spins

Drill Heat Generation

Reduces the amount of heat generated each time the drill spins

Drill Resource Quality

Increases the number of resources you get from drilling

Drill Speed

Increases the number of times the drill spins per second

Drill Vibrations

Modulates vibrations to make drilling, and obtaining resources, easier

Fuel Reserves

Increases the maximum amount of fuel your tanks can hold

Utility Slots

Increases the number of consumables of each type you can carry on you

Item Capacity

Increases the maximum mumber of resources you can carry around

Oxygen Reserves

Increases the maximum amount of oxygen your tanks can hold 


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