Coral Shards

Coral Shards

Found in the deepest depths of aquatic environments, this coral has long been dead; the organic matter replaced with silica rich solutions, crystalizing it. Formed by great pressure, it is a very strong material, with a variety of applications in many of the best components.

Coral Shards can be used for major refueling while out in the field.


Crafting Material

Can be found at:Edit

Aquatic Planet: 170-250 depth

Look for blocks without grass on top of it. Corals are only found in the top row of a landmass. The coral itself shows onscreen as something resembling a pink plant and needs to be collected by drilling out the rock below it.


Corals cannot be detected by Radar Pulse or the highest level of Optic, So you will need to look for it on the screen on your own.

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