Though chitin can also be found in mushrooms in trace amounts, the best way of harvesting it is from the indigenous insects. The largest of these, a millipede , hides inside holes and cracks on terrestrial environments.

this millipede is dangerous and will attack you if you venture close to its hole. However, it also reacts to vibrations, being drawn out of the hole, and ultimately falling outside it.

Once you have lured a millipede out of its hole, simply walk over it to collect the chitin.


Crafting material

Can be found at:Edit

Terrestrial Planet: 0-250 depth

You can get chitin from millipede holes. The process is almost same as with aberrant matter: millipedes react with vibration. Once you have lured a millipede out of its hole, simply walk over it to collect the chitin


There is one easier way to gather chitin without having to drill through so many rocks just to get some chitin. This involves fungus spores as those will lower your digging progress significantly but still produce vibrations.

After being hit with some fungus spores, just drill 2 squares and the worm will pop out. This can also be done with abbarent matter and lava pockets since they are also affected by vibrations.

Be careful when trying to harvest Strange Gloop as your decreased digging speed will also cause the egg to crack faster.

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