Artifact Of Tanks

Randomly found in chests.

This artifact is a series of tanks and storage compartments. Its original purpose is impossible to discern without the parts it would have been attached to.

Fortunately by studying the toothed wheels, new components can be reverse-engineered. This artifact will be consumed in the process.

Items you can craft from an Artifact of Tanks:

Craft Materials
Pressurized Vessel Fungus Spores + Pure Water
Canister Cellulose + Viscera
Barrel Silver Ore + Bacteria + Chitin
Storage Tank Copper Ore

 + Vespene Gas

Extended Storage Iron Ore

 + Vespene Gas

Bulk Container Titanium Ore + Methane Gas + Solar Cell
Fuel Drum Gold Ore + Amber Droplets + Strange Gloop + Oil
Compartmentalized Storage Mithril Ore + Aberrant Matter + Plasma + Methane Gas

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