Artifact Of Frames

Randomly found in chests.

This artifact is a frame or chassis of some kind. Its original purpose is impossible to discern without the parts it would have been attached to.

Fortunately by studying the toothed wheels, new components can be reerse-engineered. This artifact will be consumed in the process.

Items you can craft from an Artifact of Frames:

Craft Materials
Weak Frame Silver Ore + Crystals
Reinforced Frame Copper Ore + Amethyst Crystals
Tessellated Frame Silver Ore + Titanium Ore + Topaz Crystals
Tensile Frame Gold Ore + Emerald Crystals
Honeycomb Frame Copper Ore + Iron Ore + Ruby Crystals
Flexible Framing Platinum Ore + Topaz Crystals + Amber Droplets
Delicate Frame Titanium Ore + Coral Shards + Amber Droplets
Miniaturized Frame Gold Ore + Mithril Ore + Diamond Slivers

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