Aquatic planets are one of the kind of planets in this game. The other being Terrestrial and Aerial. As the other two kinds, Aquatic planets can come with Glacial, Temperate or Volcanic climate.

Aquatic planets contain mostly water with lots of underground terrain. Within the caves you are able to move in any direction.

To go deeper into aquatic planets, you have to upgrade your Plating. If you go deeper and pressure rises above what you can sustain, you start taking damage. Go back up or repair the damage before dying of low health.

To stay underwater you also need oxygen, but no fuel. Small amounts of Oxygen appear as gas bubbles floating up from patches of see gras. If you're near them you will collect them for a tiny refill.

Available materials: Edit

see also Base_Elements#Quick_Reference_Chart

Minerals Depth
Silver Ore 0-50m
Gold Ore 50-110m
Platinum Ore 110-170m
Orichalcum Ore 170-250m
Crystals Depth
Azurite Crystals 0-50m
Ruby Crystals 50-110m
Topaz Crystals 110-170m
Coral Shards 170-250m
Trophies Depth
Viscera any
Bacteria 110-250m
Pearl 110-250m
Aberrant Matter any
Strange Gloop any
Gasses Depth
Amaranthine Gas 0-50m
Vespene Gas 50-100m
Therazene Gas 100-150m
Plasma (from Geysers) 0-150m
Oxygen Gas 150-250m
Unstable Isotopes (from Oxygen) 150-250m
Fuels Depth
Pure Water 0-250m
Oil 150-250m

With Strange Gloop it is almost impossible to collect due to vibrations

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