Aerial planets are one of the kind of planets in this game. The other being Terrestrial and Aquatic. As the other two kinds, Aerial planets can come in Glacial, Temperate or Volcanic climate.

Aerial planets mainly contain atmosphere with some chunks of solid rocks floating about. Therefore you are able to move in any direction, though anything than slowly floating down costs some of your fuel. You cannot drill upwards as this is blocked by the propeller, only sideways and down. To go higher in aerial planets, you have to upgrade your Propeller Power.

The higher you go the stronger the winds will get and the more you are pushed to the ground. You will not directly be killed from going too high or being too high, but you will slow down flying against strong winds using lots of fuel to advance mere inches until you literally can't ascend any more or die from lack of fuel. So when going as high as you can keep a very close eye on your fuel amount and try to stay on solid ground as often as possible.

Available materials: Edit

Minerals Altitude most common climate
Copper Ore 20-50m
Silver Ore 50-80m
Iron Ore 70-110m
Gold Ore 110-140m
Titanium Ore 140-170m Glacial
Platinum Ore 170-200m
Mithril Ore 200-250m Volcanic
Orichalcum Ore 230-250m

Crystals Altitude
Amethyst Crystals 0-50m
Ruby Crystals 50-110m
Topaz Crystals 110-170m
Amber Droplets 165-250m

Trophies most common climate
Aberrant Matter
Strange Gloop

All Trophies can be found at any altitude.

Gasses Altitude
Therazene Gas 0-50m
Amaranthine Gas 50-100m
Vespene Gas 100-150m
Plasma (from Geysers) 0-150m
Ozone Gas 150-250m
Unstable Isotopes (from Ozone) 150-250m

Fuels Altitude
Wood Logs 0-250m
Solar Cell 150-250m